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posted by taizou @ 2012-07-19 02:03:38 Site News

welcome! (to the fantastic underground!) (yes i've quoted japanese mr. driller packaging twice now and i've barely started, what of it!)

THIS thing you're looking at is a brand new and entirely amazing site set up to shine the world's brightest terrible after-market lighting solution into some of the most obscure corners of the amazing pocket-sized world of handheld gaming. unlicensed games! weird consoles! bootlegs! and other stuff, possibly, if I feel like it! stuff that only, like, five people have heard of. but no longer!

now due to various timing/laziness issues the associated youtube channel has been around for a good few months, despite the site itself not existing in any meaningful fashion, so you can look at that for an idea of the sort of stuff i'll be covering on here. there's also handheld stuff on my other website, Neo Fuji, some of which I'll be updating and moving here at some point in the future (probably)!

so grab your gameboy, or your expensive phone with its gameboy-style case and installed gameboy emulator, and let's drill!

(PS - apologies to anyone using IE8 or earlier or another older browser, some things probably aren't going to look the way they should - I don't have time to sort all that out just yet, sorry!)