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happy birthday Game Boy!

posted by taizou @ 2014-04-21 15:49:22 Dumps

Well the Game Boy is 25 years old today, and to celebrate... here's a hastily prepared release of a Harry Potter game! (yay?)

A Chinese version of this game (albeit not the original) has been dumped for quite a while now, but here I have the English version. This was dumped from a cart with no protection whatsoever, which looked absolutely 100% identical to a cart I'd previously tried to dump which did have protection. I actually only bought the second one because it came with a box; I thought I might as well at least try to dump it in case it turned out to be a different revision or something. and I'm glad I did! because I can now bring you:

Harry Potter II

For those of you not familiar with the dumped version, Harry Potter 3, this is a horizontal shoot-'em-up seemingly developed by Vast Fame, although for some reason they didn't use their own (usually excellent) music and instead "did a Sintax" and stole some from somewhere else. Fortunately they had better taste than Sintax, so they didn't just rip off GBC Lemmings again; they took the soundtrack from Parodius, which is pretty great in its own right, and fits the game well. Vast Fame even steals better than everyone else.

amusingly way back in 200-something I released my own translation patch for the Chinese version, so you now have two English versions to play with - mine wasn't perfect by any means, but, well, here's a comparison of the first couple of scenes in the intro (mine on the left):

(you can also see in those screenshots that the pictures were all cropped for the official version, seemingly due to the way the font was stored)

anyway, have fun:

download - Harry Potter II (Unlicensed, English).zip

(note that it's now named Harry Potter II rather than 2, based on the title on the box/cart; BBD's one is also known as "Harry Potter 2" so I'd like to distinguish them in case I ever dump that)



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2posted by Tamara @ 2014-05-05 23:02:41

I wish you could make patches so that these gameboy games could be played on emulators: Rockman 8, Rockman x4 by Yong Yong, Sonic 3d Blast, Killer Instinct & Mr. Do! (some emulators cannot play these games), Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back!, Binary Monster 3, and Pokemon Sapphire.

If you can make patches for Famicom/NES, please make a patch so that Super Mario Brothers Ascii can be played on emulators.

Thanks for reading!

3posted by 唐遒博 @ 2014-05-06 21:03:26

希望能够破解 d商汉化的大贝兽物语 波永的迷宫2的卡带,如果可以的话我愿意提供卡带,致敬

4posted by Chowdit1 @ 2014-12-01 00:17:46

Well actually, Rockman X4 isn't even dumped (at least yet). But, I would imagine it would play almost exactly the same as Rockman 8.

5posted by leeseongjae620 @ 2014-12-13 01:31:51

Harry Potter II (Unlicensed, English).zip 다운로드 할 수 있다!

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우린 해리포터의문

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11posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com @ 2020-05-28 16:41:35

Would you be willing to post a picture of the box on 12bit repository? I know the front of the box is on the wiki but I don't think the back of the box is there

12posted by taizou @ 2020-05-29 01:20:38

at some point yeah, but it's probably gonna be a while before i get around to scanning things again sorry

13posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com @ 2020-05-29 04:00:25

Cool. Thank you so much. It is hard to find good scans for these old games

14posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-29 20:12:15

I prefer taizou's translation.