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The Return of Li Cheng 2015 (pt1)

posted by taizou @ 2015-09-20 20:52:17 Dumps

Got a few more dumps of Li Cheng releases of various games today - including a couple hopefully people will find interesting.

It's kind of a shame that I can only bring you these bad title hacks instead of the original releases of the games, but.. maybe someday!

Chao Jinhua Shuma Baolong - Zuanshi Ban (超進化 数码暴龙-钻石版) (CBA012)

Okay so this first one is just Digimon D3 again. Please try to contain your excitement.

raw: Chao Jinhua Shuma Baolong - Zuanshi Ban (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA012) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Chao Jinhua Shuma Baolong - Zuanshi Ban (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA012) [Fixed].zip

Taikong Zhanshi - Jingdian Ban (太空战士经典版) (CBA063)

Now here's something new, and something that could have been great in the right hands - an attempted port of the Mega Drive game Barver Battle Saga: Taikong Zhanshi. Sadly this port is garbage, and I don't say that lightly.

It's developed by the same "Tian Cai Xiao Zi" team as a bunch of other dubious RPGs, but even by their standards it's a bit of a mess. AFAIK there was also a version published by Sintax with different graphics, which I don't have to hand right now, but I really hope it looks better than this version.

Oh and the music (all three tracks of it) seems to be stolen, bizarrely, from "Pocket Voice 2.0", a voice recorder cartridge by Bung; but one of the tracks was also used in ROM intros by the release group Paradox (where it's credited to "Blackbox"), so its true origins remain mysterious for now..

raw: Taikong Zhanshi - Jingdian Ban (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA063) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Taikong Zhanshi - Jingdian Ban (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA063) [Fixed].zip

Xin Shediao Yingxiong Chuan (新射雕英雄传) (CBA090)

Another Tian Cai Xiao Zi game, based on the novel Legend of the Condor Heroes. This one is much better made than the previous, but it does suffer from a very unfortunate bug which causes the music (stolen from Telefang this time) to mess up horribly when the text printing sound effect plays. This has been confirmed to happen on the real cart - it may have been introduced by the Li Cheng release though.

Interestingly, not only does this game open with a Sintax logo (several TCXZ games were originally released by Sintax in China) but I received it in the original Sintax box (bearing the same title without the "Xin"), despite the cart inside being 100% Li Cheng. I'm not sure if this is evidence of cooperation between the two companies though - or if it was just a case of the seller mixing and matching the box and cart for the same game.

raw: Xin Shediao Yingxiong Chuan (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA090) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Xin Shediao Yingxiong Chuan (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA090) [Fixed].zip

Xin Guangming Yu Hei'an 2 - Zhushen De Yichan (光明與黑暗2-諸神的遺產) (CBA095)

..And here's another Tian Cai Xiao Zi RPG, falling somewhere in between the previous two in terms of production values (and thankfully without the sound bug). Allegedly it's based on Sega's Shining series somehow, but I'm not particularly familiar with those games so I have no idea if it's ripping off any particular entry.

raw: Xin Guangming Yu Hei'an 2 - Zhushen De Yichan (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA095) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Xin Guangming Yu Hei'an 2 - Zhushen De Yichan (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA095) [Fixed].zip

Tezhong Budui (特种部队) / Teshu Budui 2001 (特殊部队2001) (CBA100)

Just Metal Slug 2001 - which has been dumped for a long-ass time - with a different title screen. Still, it's a fun enough game, for what it is. Li Cheng didn't bother protecting this one at all, so even the raw dump works fine in any emulator - my fix just tweaks the header to remove the SRAM it never uses.

Incidentally the title on the box/cart differs slightly from the one on the title screen, hence the two titles here. both of them roughly translate to "Special Forces" though.

raw: Tezhong Budui (Teshu Budui 2001) (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA100) [Raw Dump].zip
header fix: Tezhong Budui (Teshu Budui 2001) (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA100) [Header Fix].zip

Taikong Zhanshi DX3 - Zuizhong Huanxian (太空战士DX3-最终幻想) (CBA145)

this is an interesting one! It's a (bad) title hack of a game originally known as "Final Fantaxy IX", a heavily FF9-based beat 'em up/RPG hybrid. The original version was released by "TD Software", but it seems to have been developed by the same team (possibly BBD) behind Sintax's early stuff. and much like their other early beat 'em ups, it's very well-made if a bit repetitive.

raw: Taikong Zhanshi DX3 - Zuizhong Huanxiang (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA145) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Taikong Zhanshi DX3 - Zuizhong Huanxiang (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA145) [Fixed].zip

Tezhong Budui 2 - Jidi (特种部队2-基地) / Teshu Budui 2 - Jidi (特殊部队2-基地) (CBA146)

and now: the game better known as Terrifying 911, aka Too Soon: the video game. originally released (and developed?) by Hitek, on the market at least by June 2002, using actual footage of an attack that killed thousands less than a year previous. bad taste? i'll say.

but underneath all that, there's a surprisingly faithful port of Metal Slug 1. Compared to other unlicensed Metal Slug games it's in a whole different league - just about everything is here, the original levels, weapon upgrades, bosses, prisoners to rescue, and even the Metal Slug itself have been retained.

And yet this was (as far as I know) Hitek's only action game - the rest of their output on the Game Boy consisted mostly of RPGs, strategy games, board games and the like. I believe it was also their only game released in English, but this is the Chinese version (and naturally a shoddy title hack thereof).

raw: Tezhong Budui 2 - Jidi (Teshu Budui 2 - Jidi) (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA146) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Tezhong Budui 2 - Jidi (Teshu Budui 2 - Jidi) (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA146) [Fixed].zip

[finally, just to note that I am aware my previous fixed version of of Gangdan Wuyu 2 crashes after level 2 and may have other issues - I'm looking into it!]



1posted by taizou @ 2015-09-20 21:02:35

oh and Tezhong Budui 2 has a bunch of content from the English version in the ROM, including graphics for a Chinese/English selection menu (which as far as I know doesn't appear in any known release of this game - both versions are locked to their respective language), so maybe it's possible to re-enable it?

There's also a Metal Slug title screen (with "© 2001 RUANXIN CO., LTD" copyright), indicating they were probably planning to release it as a straight up Metal Slug game before someone decided to slap the 9/11 theme on it..

2posted by taizou @ 2015-09-21 01:04:34

oh i just realised - "Ruanxin" finally explains a super old mystery, why Hitek games (the original releases) boot up with a "GK.RX" logo.

back here:
was when I first noticed the logo, and discovered that Hitek was a trademark of a Chinese company called Gaoke ("hi-tech" literally) - which explained the "GK" but not the "RX".

so I guess this means the Hitek releases were a collaboration of sorts between Gaoke and Ruanxin .. Although I still really know nothing at all about Ruanxin (even the Chinese characters)

3posted by codeman38 @ 2015-09-21 04:09:01

In searching for various variations on "black box gameboy demoscene", I managed to stumble across what I think is the original source of that tune in Taikong Zhanshi: http://gbdev.gg8.se/files/musictools/Music%20Box/ Specifically, it's the file named "BLASTAH.SAV" in BB-MB103.ZIP.

4posted by codeman38 @ 2015-09-21 04:25:09

...Hah, the tune in the intro story is also from Music Box - it's MELODEE.SAV.

(Incidentally, the original composer for both appears to be Jukka-Pekka Luukkonen, a.k.a. Fusion.)

5posted by codeman38 @ 2015-09-21 04:34:23

And naturally, the third tune is NOISYPIL.SAV. Because of course it is. (Also composed by Fusion. And I should probably have just listened to all of the sample tunes before posting my comments rather than spamming like this.)

6posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-09-21 05:50:54

Terrifying 9.11 completed. Ending is unrelated to the 9.11 events though.

7posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-09-21 07:22:03

Terrifying 9.11 ending: https://youtu.be/BPE09spc8fU

8posted by msf007 @ 2015-09-21 11:30:19

Terrifying 911's title sounds way too straight even with its new title... now the name of Al-Qaeda as its subtitle!

10posted by codeman38 @ 2015-09-21 17:37:51

To no real surprise, Xin Guangming Yu Hei'an 2 seems to have some connection to Sintax as well - there are fragments of their logo in the ROM at 0x2C472. Certainly explains the pointless blank white screen at the beginning of the game.

(Also, why does the third story screen in that game's intro appear to show Abe from the Oddworld series?!)

11posted by taizou @ 2015-09-21 22:34:44

here's a transcription of the Tezhong Budui 2/Terrifying 911 credits:


.. but if you run those through your online translator of choice, you can see they *probably* are not real names.

12posted by ---- @ 2015-09-22 12:23:33

Tezhong Budui 2/Terrifying 911 "credits" just comments for their program, design, music and so on... They are not real names.

13posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-09-22 22:47:48

Found a glitch in the FF DX3 game: can't max out stats, tried that near the end and the game crashed. I savestated before that luckily.

14posted by taizou @ 2015-09-22 23:57:33

hm could you upload a save file from just before that point? i can try it out on the real cart

15posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-09-23 05:11:57

@taizou -- check the PM

16posted by Koh @ 2015-09-23 16:10:06

I can confirm that crash using an emulator. However, I did manage to finish the game without the last levels of those stats. I jsut needed like 5 potions, lelz.

18posted by Koh @ 2015-09-23 16:12:05

Oh, if you guys want to see the playthrough of it, here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SZhTmUFWlkihdEuyHhuyIkZZP8-Cal

The final boss is surprisingly hard, but for the wrong reasons, naturally. Fireball projectiles are too fast to react to, so more often than not you get hit.

19posted by Koh @ 2015-09-23 18:45:07

Oh and a FYI, the music it uses is from RPG Tsukuruu GB/RPG Maker GB

20posted by ? @ 2015-09-28 04:22:15

About that Xin Shediao Yingxiong Chuan game...

Apparently, there was an official Japan-only "Condor Heroes" RPG game for the PS1 made by Sony called 射雕英雄伝/射雕英雄傳 (Shachou Eiyuuden, basically a Japanese reading of Condor Heroes' Chinese hanzi), with the English subtitle "THE EAGLE SHOOTING HEROES" (it even has the official Jin Yong license and everything), and it holds the distinction of being the only known PS1 game having a selectable language option of Japanese AND simplified/traditional Chinese (which I guess made it an easy popular import/download choice for the Greater Chinese gaming community, similar to how the first three Ace Attorney games had their Japanese versions imported to the West before their official American releases because of its English option). I have a feeling that maybe the GBC game "Xin Shediao Yingxiong Chuan" might be an attempt to port the PS1 game to the Game Boy Color, either that or it does its own thing independent of Sony's game (or even the original novel), or a combination of both. Please look into this soon.

21posted by taizou @ 2015-09-28 20:26:13

Yeah I think you're right, it does seem to be an attempt at a port- I just played the PS1 game briefly and its opening scenes are basically recreated in the GBC one (the dialogue is mostly identical).

23posted by leeseongjae620 @ 2015-10-06 05:33:01

도술동자 구구 ROM덤프에서 hhug.me 어디에있어?

29posted by Robbi @ 2015-10-09 22:08:39

Taikong Zhanshi - Jingdian Ban using goddamn chiptune music (including Noisy Pillars!!) made me laugh. Thanks for the dumps as always Taizou!

31posted by a dude @ 2015-10-10 09:39:39

thanks for another update. I may find these games nearly impossible to enjoy, but I love playing "spot the asset". There's Kou/h from the Azure Dreams GBC title screen in Xin Shediao! Looks like the Mad Gear Gang is expanding their turf in Xin Guangming Yu Hei'an 2, because that's definitely Birdie's SFA GBC sprite being fought.

34posted by msf007 @ 2015-10-23 14:35:58

I guess those spammy comments mentioning Vast Fame fighting games("queen of fighting 2000", "chaoji gedou 2001 alpha") are written by the guy with multiple names, living in the world of delusion - I mean that agumonfan/kdma guy.

Now this is the second time that I saw those comments popping out and Bootleggames Wiki being attacked by that guy almost simultaneously, and those spam comments always have capitalization issue.

42posted by Color @ 2015-11-05 22:36:24

So, the opening scene of this game is dramatic, nice semi video cutscene.

46posted by taizou @ 2015-11-07 23:38:26

@msf007 - i don't think so, the IP addresses are in a different country.. and his posts were always more incoherent. i think *this* person is just someone who really wants to see those two games dumped

@"?" - if i can ever dump those games i will dump them, but right now i can't, so please fuck off and stop spamming my comments

48posted by msf007 @ 2015-11-09 10:41:11

Oh wow. Now I'm so sad to know there are even more strange guys in the bootleg games fandom...

50posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-11-09 14:33:41

The anonymous commenter is back with more of his spam.

55posted by Angus Macgyver @ 2015-11-26 17:54:30

Thank you for dumping it all! It is awesome.

Would you mind to do a post with codes for all your dumps?
Also: What will be your dump number 100? (I think you are around 98-99 atm.)

Have a great december, m8!

58posted by dud @ 2015-12-05 07:07:33

I had been waiting for a dump of 911 ever since I learned about it, it's been so long I forgot when that was. It's great you managed to do it, huge thanks and may the chinese pirate gods bless you

61posted by Agumonfan1 @ 2015-12-07 00:45:09

Angus macgyver what are codes in posts?

64posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-12-08 02:55:49

Agumonfan1 = kdma guy

66posted by KAGE-008 @ 2015-12-08 21:35:41

Also the anonymous impatient is still posting the same link...

68posted by taizou @ 2015-12-12 13:03:13

mm sadly i can't ban them because they have a dynamic IP address ):

69posted by ? @ 2015-12-18 22:07:27


70posted by ? @ 2015-12-22 23:02:32

the return of li cheng 2015 (pt2)

71posted by Agumonfan1 @ 2016-02-05 17:40:17

hi I just want to be aware even though I did not post anything about the rom dumping scene or ask for anything. I do like the games queen of fighting 2000/soul falchion thank you.

72posted by Agumonfan1 @ 2016-02-05 17:42:56

Also even though there is a part 2 of this. I still want to be aware that the translations might take a while. But the pirate originals are not really interesting because some of them were recreated already.

73posted by ? @ 2016-02-13 21:56:07

the return of li cheng 2015 (pt2)

74posted by CzarKingRex @ 2016-10-25 09:13:46

Curious where you're getting the cartridges for the rips...

75posted by taizou @ 2016-10-26 11:27:52

Mostly auction/marketplace sites. These Li Cheng ones came from a Taobao seller who had a pretty big chunk of their library, not sure if the listing is still active.

76posted by ? @ 2017-04-01 18:49:32

it is.

77posted by guyzis @ 2017-11-19 16:02:51

when will the sintaxmas start? or even return of li cheng or makon crapstravaganzia, if you have the shenaningans to do that one.

78posted by taizou @ 2018-03-07 16:57:49

there's definitely -something- coming soon

79posted by crazii @ 2018-06-09 01:09:29

P.S. it may be better if "特种部队2-基地" translated as "Special Force: Base" by it‘s meaning, rather than direct CHN pronunciation.

80posted by taizou @ 2018-07-08 23:04:53

I usually name things by the romanisation of the title because it's the most accurate representation of the original name using the Roman alphabet, if I tried to translate the titles it's then my own subjective interpretation of it.. then you get into cases where the maker used different titles for an existing series, do I translate them differently or the same way?
example from this post:
太空战士DX3-最终幻想 -> (literally) "Space Warrior DX3: Final Fantasy"
but 太空战士 is also an alternate title for Final Fantasy, so I could also call it "Final Fantasy DX3: Final Fantasy"
so I prefer to just present the original title and let people interpret it however they want it.

(it's also consistent with the way most existing ROM sets handle naming for Japanese games, e.g. for the Japanese version of Zelda they will name it "Zelda no Densetsu" rather than "Legend of Zelda". With Chinese games, a lot of existing ROMs use an English translation or an assumed/invented English name based on the original property, but it's really inconsistent)

81posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-31 15:33:13

Yeah. The GoodGBX names were probably vomited out of someone's mouth. Like, "Dragonslayer Chapter Surrounded" and "Sky Dragon" for Shi Mian Mai Fu? Prrft.

82posted by kibaranger kyappu @ 2022-04-16 22:20:23

Most of those games are well made, despite being pirated and all, could we ACTUALLY Consider "Tezhong Budui 2 - Jidi" to be Hong Kong 97's spiritual sucessor? xD