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let's get hitek

posted by taizou @ 2017-01-08 21:09:53 Dumps

Yet another unlicensed GB protection system has fallen hell yeah~
As you may have guessed based on my last hhugboy release, this time it's Hitek's turn!

Hitek (or Gaoke) was a Chinese company that released several Game Boy games developed by Ruanxin, a team containing several ex-Waixing staff, some of whom would later go on to work for Jungletac. (Ruanxin isn't explicitly credited in-game, but you can find a bunch of little references here and there, like the boot logo of these carts being "GK-RX" for "Gaoke-Ruanxin")

Their protection is almost identical to BBD's, but they make much better use of it (they switch modes while the game is running, while BBD just sets one at the beginning and that's it; also the cart initialises in a mode that prevents the entire ROM from being read, similar to VF's GBA games), so it's not so easy to hack out. Hence why only Li Cheng ever did it, I guess. So, for now, these games will only run in hhugboy v1.1.8 and up.

Terrifying 911

This first one comes thanks to Ryan Silberman who lent me the cart!

This is probably the most infamous unlicensed Game Boy game in existence - incredibly bad taste presentation hiding an EXTREMELY faithful port (..except the music) of the original Metal Slug. It's a world away from those Sintax/BBD "Metal Slug"s which are basically generic shooty-platformers with sprites from the NGPC Metal Slug games; this is an actual port from the actual Neo Geo.

I previously dumped the Li Cheng release, which was a hack of the Chinese version; this is the original English version complete with fully translated pre-stage shit-talk between George W Bush and Osama bin Laden.

download: Terrifying 911 (Unl).zip

Shuihu Zhuan Zhi Qunmo Fengyun Lu (水滸傳之群魔風雲錄)

A port of Chuanpu's Mega Drive strategy RPG "Shui Hu Zhuan". Again, this was only previously dumped from a Li Cheng cart, in which NPC boundary checking was completely broken (resulting in them wandering through walls or into buildings). Now you can enjoy the original non-glitchy version!

download: Shuihu Zhuan Zhi Qunmo Fengyun Lu (Unl).zip



1posted by taizou @ 2017-01-08 21:51:24

Oh yeah I discovered a cheat in Terrifying 9/11: hold A+B and press Start at the title screen to skip straight to the ending. Works in both dumped versions

2posted by taizou @ 2017-01-09 12:01:50

another note about the ending - this version actually has the staff's real names, whereas the Li Cheng Chinese version doesn't. I noticed in the LC ver the names are in a different font to the titles though, so they might have been changed from the original Chinese version..

3posted by Osman Color. @ 2017-01-14 15:15:36

Many thaks Taizou

4posted by Maleiva @ 2017-02-03 22:26:20

Terrifying 911 is presumed to be a canceled videogame prototype of Metal Slug for Game Boy develope by Takara.

Takara which is dedicated to making conversions from arcade video games of SNK to console Game Boy . It is speculated that this was modified in that way by Hitek's. If this statement is true, then this prototype was somehow filtered.

5posted by taizou @ 2017-02-03 22:57:39

Yeah I've heard that before but I don't think it's true.. I've never seen any evidence of it being an unreleased official prototype. As far as I know it was developed by Ruanxin themselves.

6posted by jessa mae @ 2018-10-23 08:49:38


7posted by ? @ 2018-11-27 01:30:04

This mega slug clones Ripoffs this can be in hhugboy no get it don forget to dowload

8posted by luckythepirate @ 2019-09-09 16:30:03

any chance this of getting this to play on visualboy advance?

9posted by Joseph Swanson @ 2019-09-22 03:46:25

Really cool!

10posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-29 19:22:22

@luckythepirate Only if someone ever breaks thru the copy protection

11posted by RagenGauge @ 2021-02-20 01:23:04

Any way to even play the english one? Every emulator I try just gives me black screen.

12posted by StupidGuySucksAtBootlegs @ 2021-03-12 02:36:43

RagenGauge mappers

13posted by ragengauge @ 2021-05-31 00:31:26

Mappers? Please explain?

14posted by taizou @ 2021-06-29 16:57:22

it's the hardware on the cartridge used for ROM/RAM management and other things, most licensed games use only the licensed Nintendo mappers and most emulators only support those mappers, but many unlicensed companies have their own custom ones, usually they only differ from the Nintendo mappers for copy protection purposes. That's the case for this game, it will work on hhugboy but not most other emulators at the moment.

15posted by Wesley @ 2023-04-30 10:41:35

I have found that the English version of the ROM actually works on mGBA. I have the mGBA core on RetroArch on my Android Tablet, and it works great!

16posted by ? @ 2023-11-22 02:15:17

@Wesley could you elaborate? It's a .gbc ROM.

17posted by Wesley @ 2023-12-25 10:23:42

@? RetroArch is an app you can get on the Google Play Store. You can emulate all kinds of games on it. The built in emulators are called cores. The emulator or core mGBA will play any .gb, .gbc, or .gba ROM. It plays Terrifying 9.11. Hope this helps.

18posted by woman inspired by eggs @ 2024-04-15 05:29:31

this game looks really cool, "I didn't do the attacks. No evidence."