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posted by taizou @ 2018-10-31 21:26:53 Dumps

Next up tonight I'm bringing you HORRIFYING dumps related to the SCARIEST BOOtleg of them all ... the infamous HACK of Keitai DenjBOO TeleFANG ...


alright I'm not doing that any more but you can read the rest of this post in a spooky voice if you like

First, here's the German version! Thanks to Sanqui for dumping this one!

Yep, for some reason, this game was translated to German. I never really considered Germany a hot market for bootleg products, but I could be wrong, considering none other than Sintax also translated some of their games to German...

It's based on the English version, the dialogue is all translated but most of the menus are not. Also the title screen reads "Vision Jade" which I assume was supposed to say "Version Jade" - interestingly the same mistake Sintax made on some of their German releases.

Unlike the original release of the English version, this one had no protection aside from an incorrectly set header. So the 'header fix' version of the ROM should work on anything. The GBX version will work in hhugboy, the raw will also work in hhugboy if you select MBC3 compatibility mode (available from version 1.2.7 onwards).

GBX: Pokemon Jade Version (Unl) (Ger) [C] [GBX].zip
Header fix: Pokemon Jade Version (Unl) (Ger) [C] [Header fix].zip
Raw: Pokemon Jade Version (Unl) (Ger) [C] [Raw].zip

And now... the English version!

Specifically, the original English version, which came with some simple copy protection. If you've come across a Pokémon Jade/Diamond ROM which didn't let you load a save, chances are it was due to incompletely-removed protection. But I've emulated this protection in hhugboy (since version 1.2.7, again), and now for the first time you should be able to run the protected versions and save/load with impunity. Exciting!

Both of these ROMs will only work in hhugboy, the GBX version will work as-is & the raw will work if you manually select Pokémon Jade/Diamond compatibility mode. I haven't made a deprotected hack for other emulators because I am TIRED and there's already a later copy of the game with that work done which I'm pretty sure has been dumped elsewhere.

GBX: Pokemon Jade Version (Unl) (Eng) [C] [GBX].zip
Raw: Pokemon Jade Version (Unl) (Eng) [C] [Raw].zip

Also if you're interested in these games, check out telefang.net which is a cool community about all things Telefang! Happy Halloween! 🎃



1posted by Sanqui @ 2018-11-01 08:00:43


2posted by taizou @ 2018-11-01 10:37:27

fun fact, the first time I played Pokemon Diamond and heard that sample I thought "telefangu" was some kind of attempt at saying like "diamondu" and assumed the "keitai denjuu" part was probably Chinese for Pokemon or something

3posted by sanqui @ 2018-11-01 13:16:36

I also heard the Diamond in there hahaha

4posted by ArArshes @ 2018-11-02 11:10:53

I still gladly own on multicart that had jade and diamond in it and still todaydo i wont forget those wierdos translations about collecting 4 kids in the game wich probaly meant be called keys because i went very close to finish the game but i stuck for so long.

5posted by Lord Lakitu @ 2018-11-09 23:45:56

Whoever drew that title screen art needs a lesson on how to draw deer and a harsh scolding.

6posted by Color @ 2019-01-12 05:18:19

pretty weird the title screen but is a fun game

7posted by gymzatan @ 2019-04-05 15:57:14

The deer on the title screen is actually the Great Forest Spirit in the anime movie Princess Mononoke

8posted by bak @ 2019-07-09 03:16:43

You know you're playing a "great" translation when just a random screenshot shows huge grammar mistakes

9posted by crazy @ 2019-09-14 12:23:20

any chance of english rom cracked on this site i would really download it

10posted by guyzis @ 2019-11-06 22:16:50

crazy, get hhugboy.

11posted by guyzis @ 2019-11-06 22:18:34

bak, then why did you come here anyway? O_O

12posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com @ 2020-04-30 14:16:52

Out of curiosity, what does the German vision cartridge look like?

13posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-31 15:47:29

Is it on the Pirated Games Museum?

14posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com @ 2020-06-09 16:46:25


I just found a Spanish copy of the translation of Power "Pokemon Diamante". I am having trouble getting the ROM I ripped from it to work on hhugboy. Do I need to use different setting from the ones used for the games you posted here? I noticed the ones you uploaded were of the translation of the Speed version

15posted by taizou @ 2020-07-06 02:43:46

@anewkindofscience I just looked at a dump of that same cart - it seems to be from a different publisher to the English one, probably has different protection

16posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com @ 2020-07-06 18:36:00


Thank you for clarifying that. Was that dump from Tulunk Village?

17posted by taizou @ 2020-07-06 21:37:22

yeah, in patch form

18posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com @ 2020-07-07 02:51:20

Ah, I posted that. I figured I may as well ask those guys as well, since they were able to help me with that "Pokemon Great Collections" thing

19posted by Chris Kaneda @ 2020-07-20 13:50:12

Well... Germany is not a place for bootleg Video Games (I know it because i life in Germany). But Gameboy Games are really popular at that time. Everbody i know have got a Gameboy and and at least one Bootleg Game (Specially Multicard Games) or Pokemon Diamond/Jade like myself at the time. The only way to get this Games was Ebay or a Black market like Poland (cheap holiday place for German, like Mexico for USA)