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Makon Crapstravaganza 2018 Part 2

posted by taizou @ 2018-03-21 00:27:04 Dumps


YEAH THERE'S MORE. Once again these dumps will currently only work in hhugboy v1.2.5 or later, but v1.2.6 is recommended since it fixes a save bug. GBX versions will work automatically, raw dumps require "NT (Makon) new" compatibility mode to be manually selected.

Digimon 02 4

This is the English version of Shuma Baolong 02 4 from the last batch of dumps. It's... in English! cool.

Honestly this is probably one of Makon's better games, for what that's worth - okay you might fall through the floor sometimes, but at least it's mostly controllable and the level design isn't too punishing. Even the sprites are pretty cute!

GBX: Digimon 02 4 (Unl) [C] [GBX].zip
Raw: Digimon 02 4 (Unl) [C] [Raw].zip

Pokémon Diamond (Special Pikachu Edition)

You may already know "Pokémon Diamond" as the bootleg English translation of Telefang: Power Version. This is not that game! This is the "Special Pikachu Edition", a rehash of Super Mario Special 3, with Pikachu and a better colour palette.

Unfortunately, this version also omits the map screen, instead starting you on a level heavy on precision platforming, rendered near-impossible by the poor controls. If you manage to make it through that level via some miracle and/or savestates... there's a block, and you hit it, and an item comes out, and nothing happens. So you can't proceed past level 1. This level was similarly broken in Super Mario Special 3, but given that all levels were selectable from the start, you could at least skip it. Here, they aren't, and you can't!

Now, I dumped a Li Cheng release of this game a while back as Shuma Baobei: Hai Zhi Shen, and for once the Li Cheng version is actually the superior one, because... they fixed that bug! So if you want to actually play the game, that version is the way to go.

GBX: Pokemon Diamond (Special Pikachu Edition) (Unl) [C] [GBX].zip
Raw: Pokemon Diamond (Special Pikachu Edition) (Unl) [C] [Raw].zip

Pokemon Jade (Special Pikachu Edition)

You may already know "Pokémon Jade" as the bootleg English translation of Telefang: Speed Version. This is not that game! This is the "Special Pikachu Edition", a rehash of Sonic Adventure 7/8, with Pikachu and a better colour palette

...hold on, haven't we been here before? Yes, Makon/NT released their own Pokémon Diamond and Jade versions suspiciously close together, almost as if they were trying to cash in on the other Pokémon Diamond and Jade versions...

This game even shares a few more similarities with Diamond: it starts you on by far the hardest level, with lots of precision platforming (one jump is apparently impossible unless you lure one of the Porygons from further back in the stage and bounce off it), and... once again, it's fucking broken and you can't pass stage 1. This time, it just crashes when you touch the sign at the end.

If you want to see the rest of the levels, you can cheat your way around it by setting memory address C27D to a number between 01 and 04 for levels 2 to 5. In hhugboy's simple cheat format that would be C27D=XX or GameShark/Action Replay Pro 01XX7DC2, with XX replaced by the level ID you want to skip to. This will actually work on a real cart with Action Replay, as long as you only flip the switch on and off on the 'start' screen.

Interestingly, this wouldn't be the only time Makon rehashed their Sonic games in Pokémon form. Pokémon Adventure, also known as Pokémon Gold Version 2, uses the same Sonic engine and the same Pikachu sprite as Jade, but features redesigned levels which are quite a bit more forgiving than those found here. Overall Adventure feels like a somewhat-refined iteration on Jade, but... it's dated 2000, a year earlier than Jade's 2001. So Jade is both broken and a step backwards.

GBX: Pokemon Jade Version (Special Pikachu Edition) (Unl) [C] [GBX].zip
Raw: Pokemon Jade Version (Special Pikachu Edition) (Unl) [C] [Raw].zip



1posted by Giant Jumbo Jellyfish @ 2018-03-21 23:21:13

I've not downloaded them yet but that story text is actually quite comprehensible! Though they probably copy pasted them somewhere from a place like IMDb or the hundreds of Pokemon and Digimon fansites of the web 1.0 era now that I think of it.

2posted by tymime @ 2018-03-22 00:50:29

Well, I guess I won't have to send you my copy of Diamond Special Pikachu Edition now, huh? Wish I'd gotten around to that.
Hopefully other recent GB emulators will support GBX soon. I'm on a Mac, so I hope you can convince mGBA to use it. I imagine the VBA-m team wouldn't be interested.

3posted by Defaultplayer001 @ 2018-10-11 00:06:12

Oh wow! That Digimon game looks hilarious, thanks!

First and second images look to be traced from screenshots of the show and promotional art (used in a lot of things) respectively XD

4posted by XxVladiGamer707 @ 2018-12-17 23:37:46

Digimon 4 Means on Relased 2001 Gameboy player On console

Bootlegs Is Worked gbx pokemon jade hack of sonic 7

5posted by guyzis @ 2019-11-06 22:27:08

@Giant Jumbo Jellyfish Aham. Electrically-charged Pokémon (mewtwo strikes back). Yep. 100%.

6posted by guyzis @ 2019-11-06 22:27:45

XxVladiGamer707, stop, please.

7posted by doodoo @ 2021-01-05 20:52:00

the gbx file does not work on retroarch

8posted by SuperConvoyLord3880YT @ 2021-01-28 16:57:14

Doodoo+ gbx only works on hhugboy

9posted by Mood-EBlueWolf @ 2021-02-24 01:54:57

Hello there. I was actually about to email Taizou about that Digimon 02 4 game. I got a US English cartridge copy of it in a lot of 4 other bootleg Gameboy Colour games I found on eBay. I opened it up and was amazed to see a save battery in it. The original one was completely dead so I replaced it with a new one and the game does indeed save after you beat every stage. There are 24 stages in total. It is also compatible with Original Gameboy hardware but does not run very well at all. A problem I ran into was in Stage 6-1. Pretty much at the very end of the stage, the game would crash every time I got to a specific spot. I actually played the Chinese version in an emulator online and was able to pass that spot. In the much later stages, the enemies were all glitched up, they were stuck in the air and couldn't really move. I started the game over to see if maybe I could pass that spot without it freezing. And low and behold. It didn't freeze. But I ended up getting hit by an enemy and was knocked into a pit. When I went back there, the game was crashing again. So I started yet again. I finally got past that spot without dying and completed the stage. The game played just fine. (about as well as a Makon Soft game ever could I guess. Heh.) from that point on. There were also no glitched up enemies in the later stages either. It seems that if you die where that spot is where it can crash, it will crash every single time you try to get back there again. I was playing the game on a Gameboy Colour. Anyways, very glad to see it's been dumped. Thanks for the read and sorry for the longish comment. :)

10posted by Robyn @ 2021-11-03 22:46:01

Looks like the plot for Pokemon Jade comes from a pirated copy of Pikachu's Rescue Adventure. I guess that'll be how Makon got most of their plots for the games.

11posted by Deikop @ 2022-01-09 16:16:29

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17posted by CRAZY @ 2023-07-13 13:57:12

You know, they could probably do Pokemon Jade Special Pikachu Edition in a homebrew PC game and they would come out a hell of a lot better. But noooo, they decided to do a Gameboy Color bootleg and sell it for easy money.