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The Second Day of Sintaxmas

posted by taizou @ 2012-12-15 12:15:11 Dumps

day 2 brings the first new game of this little selection - I've been referring to it as "navy game" but it tells me its real name is Hai Zhan Qi Bing (海戰奇兵). it's a strategy game, about, you know, boats and stuff. Cart provided by Qiezei!

raw: Hai Zhan Qi Bing (Unlicensed, Chinese) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Hai Zhan Qi Bing (Unlicensed, Chinese) [Fixed].zip

coming up tomorrow... recycling for fun and profit.



1posted by taizou @ 2012-12-15 12:28:37

oh and it says "Jump Technology" on the cart but that's just Sintax again.

2posted by codeman38 @ 2012-12-15 14:38:52

There's some weird garbled bits of a DOS batch script at the beginning of the ROM, which appears to have been for renaming source files. It's clear that one part is supposed to be "REN SLG_SCR.19 SLG_SCR.20", for instance.

3posted by taizou @ 2012-12-15 14:54:03

oh yeah! weird. there's also text from a Gamtec tool in there (as seen in a bunch of other Sintax and related games)

4posted by KAGE-008 @ 2012-12-15 16:57:45

The music for level 2 is from the undumped Final Fantaxy IX. Also, the intro is somewhat unskippable.

5posted by codeman38 @ 2012-12-15 19:38:11

Yeah, the music from both this and FFIX is actually from RPG Maker GB, because Sintax was never one for writing their own soundtracks. (To be fair, the RPG Maker GB soundtrack is *awesome*, so I can't blame them.)

6posted by RobGBA @ 2012-12-16 09:16:10

This game is *basically* the same as Pocket Monster Saphires engine. :D Either way, this is bloody awesome, I love stratagy games like this. :)

7posted by KAGE-008 @ 2013-01-02 02:32:43

I finally beat this game. 19 levels in total, after-battle boxes in stage 17 are glitched up.

8posted by Agumonfan1 @ 2015-03-01 06:42:51

Also just to keep a note. While both pokemon sapphire and super robot war X don't feature a shop system. Navy game and skob's fire emblem game do. Just that skob's fire emblem game has several extra features that sintax's navy game does not have for example.

9posted by ? @ 2016-09-08 13:46:48

nice one, havent played pirate game on gbc yet!

10posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-31 14:05:12

Strategy game? RPG Maker music? Has something to do with Sintax? SKOB's Fire Emblem!