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The Eleventh Day of Sintaxmas

posted by taizou @ 2012-12-24 13:09:58 Dumps

the next (ooh second to last) game is a cute little puzzle-ish platformer based on the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. what's awesome here is I have both the English and Chinese versions to release today - this never, ever happens (except the one other time it might happen), so enjoy it! The English version is called Space Baby on the cart and "The Firmament Baby" in-game, the Chinese is called Tai Kong Bao Bei (太空寶貝) everywhere. But I'm just going to call it Space Baby for convenience because I like that name.

english, raw: Space Baby (The Firmament Baby) (Unlicensed, English) [Raw Dump].zip
english, fixed: Space Baby (The Firmament Baby) (Unlicensed, English) [Fixed].zip
chinese, raw: Tai Kong Bao Bei (Unlicensed, Chinese) [Raw Dump].zip
chinese, fixed: Tai Kong Bao Bei (Unlicensed, Chinese) [Fixed].zip

coming up tomorrow... Rocket Brigade, shuttling in the galaxy



1posted by codeman38 @ 2012-12-24 16:58:18

Wow, this is...actually better than some of the official Disney games on GBC.

(To be entirely fair, I'm referring to the ones developed by Tiertex...but *still*...)

2posted by codeman38 @ 2012-12-24 17:04:18

Also, I love how, on the Chinese cartridge, they tried to dodge the copyright police by replacing Stitch with a dodgy knockoff version thereof...and then left the smaller Stitch in the lower left corner completely unscathed. QUALITY.

3posted by Arshes91 @ 2012-12-24 22:13:31

Well good job for this dump one, i hope for other sintax games also pokemon carbuncle as i asked first and a other game i forgot

4posted by ? @ 2012-12-24 22:29:25

I Like This Unlincesed Version Of Lilo and Stich wich share a little from the GBA one but more platformish and puzzle deph style than a la Metal slug thing

5posted by taizou @ 2012-12-24 23:27:34

it always seemed weird to me that they even bothered to put that little Stitch on there in the first place, but I just discovered where that artwork is taken from, and now it all makes sense:
they were just covering up the Disney Interactive logo. of course.

6posted by taizou @ 2012-12-24 23:31:38

oh and the one review of that game on GameFAQs basically accuses it of being a bad Crash Bandicoot knockoff. so, shit, maybe Sintax's game was *more* original than the licensed one? (except the music of course)

7posted by RobGBA @ 2013-02-24 15:48:25

Oh nah, Lilo & Stitch for PS1 was definitely not like Crash at all. It was one of my favorite games at the time, and the only 'small' similarity is the kind of scrolling, I suppose.

8posted by Chowdit1 @ 2014-12-16 09:54:29

Do you know where the music is stolen from?

9posted by taizou @ 2014-12-21 01:40:51

Kandume Monster IIRC

10posted by Chowdit1 @ 2015-01-06 00:07:07

Huh. Isn't it somewhat odd, but although making sense, that GameBoy bootleg game developers use and reference games and music from obscure GameBoy games. Like, Pokemon Adventure (and other Makon Soft Sonic games) - Antz; Pokemon Leaf Green (Sintax) - Parasol Stars. It would make sense, definitely at the time, they couldn't could use like Junichi Masuda's music with the official Pokemon games. Nintendo would sue the bootleg game companies (more so, at the time, in the early 2000s). Also, I wonder about the company name "Jump Technology".? Is that an alias for Sintax? Or could that be another company, co-developing with Sintax, around the time (I believe this might have been around 2004, or so.). It's weird that name isn't shown around with the other Sintax games, I don't think. I wonder if it is an alias to keep from being sued by Disney. Makes sense. Dangerous risk to present "Sintax" or "BBD", against Walt Disney. Maybe I should have also, not said this, to protect them. :_ Ehh, Disney's goons are getting more retarded these days, anyways. (Take that Disney! >:D) I mean look at fucking "Frozen", IT FUCKING SUCKS, REALLY BADLY. I don't even want to watch the next Disney movie, after that. OH GOD.

11posted by taizou @ 2015-01-06 00:17:05

although the weird thing there is Sintax had no problem using Pokemon Pinball music everywhere, even where it was completely inappropriate (ie spiderman).

but yeah I think Jump Technology was just an alias for Sintax, they used a few different names sometimes (eg the English cart has "Saturn" on it), and it may well have been to avoid legal trouble .. but then their identity isn't exactly very well-hidden when the carts still have a Sintax logo moulded into them and most of the games still start up with a Sintax logo regardless, so I dunno really.

12posted by Agumonfan1 @ 2015-03-01 06:21:31

Just a note the stitch on the chinese cartridge beside lilo looks a lot like crash bandicoot from the 2003 crash bandicoot cartridge.

13posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-31 14:34:34

wtf It doesn't