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new dump! Qi Tian Da Sheng

posted by taizou @ 2013-02-08 13:50:23 Dumps

Got another one from Qiezei's 8 in 1 multicart today - a shooter by the name of "Qi Tian Da Sheng: Sun Wu Kong" (齊天大聖-孫悟空), also known as "West Story" based on its name in the menu of said multi.

You may have seen an alternate version of this game before - "Harry Potter 3" (which I happen to have made an English translation patch for) - and while I'd previously assumed this game was the original and Harry was made later, the header actually says "HARRY2002" which is a pretty clear indication it was the other way around.

It is, I'm fairly sure, by Vast Fame, although unusually for them they've "done a Sintax" and stolen music from somewhere else rather than composing their own. Fortunately the soundtrack they stole was from Parodius and it's excellent.

Qi Tian Da Sheng - Sun Wu Kong (Unlicensed, Chinese) (Multicart Rip).zip (no need for a fix this time, yay)



1posted by RobGBA @ 2013-02-08 15:24:10

Woot! :D I'll be playing this. ^_^

2posted by KAGE-008 @ 2013-02-08 19:45:31

Going to bow this down. ;)

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5posted by leeseongjae620 @ 2015-01-03 13:17:20

손오공 등장!!!!!

6posted by Agumonfan1 @ 2015-03-01 06:13:54

Taizou i am interested if there is a english translation of this game out there.

7posted by oorn @ 2016-09-08 13:31:53

nice thanks!

8posted by guyzis @ 2020-05-31 15:03:49

@Agumonfan1 yes, at least of the Harry Potter version.