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li cheng extravaganza ~ part 1

posted by taizou @ 2014-05-22 22:36:24 Dumps

Hey I'm back again! with some stuff! Quite a lot of stuff, as it happens. I've recently (... ish) dumped a bunch of games released by a company called Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co (广州市骊城工 贸有限公司), also known as Xing Xing Technology (星星科技) or by their "Niutoude" custom boot logo. Li Cheng's output consisted of re-released versions of unlicensed original games from mostly Taiwanese developers, alongside Chinese translations of licensed games, but I'm focusing on the unlicensed stuff for now.

Li Cheng releases of games are almost invariably hacked with a crappy new title screen, and sometimes feature bugs which were not present in the original, so these are by no means the "proper" or the best versions of the games, but their copy protection is way less sophisticated so they're considerably easier to dump & emulate than the originals.

hhugboy supports Li Cheng's mapper so raw dumps should all work properly on that emulator (though in a few cases they might not be auto-detected and you will have to manually set the compatibility mode), but I've also attempted to remove their protection to produce versions that will work in other emulators as well. While their protection is fairly simplistic, it could be inserted at various points in a game, so I've had to manually hack out each instance I could find; this means there may be cases where I've missed one and the game will crash, so if you notice something like this, please leave a comment or email me! There are also a few games which don't seem to make use of this protection at all, but they still have wrong header information to fool dumping hardware and emulators, so in those cases I've just fixed the header and marked them as such.

I'm going to release 5 lots of 4 of these for now, in ID number order, so there's no particular logic to the releases (any more so than there was a logic in Li Cheng's own release schedule, anyway; games from the same developer would sometimes be clustered together presumably because they acquired them at the same time). Today has a lot of variations of already dumped games, but the next one is looking like it'll be all new stuff.

Shuihu Shenshou 水浒神兽 (CBA010)

Vast Fame's Water Margin-based monster-collecting RPG; presented here with the copyrights hacked out. Don't worry, they get more interesting later on. It's a good game though! You should totally play it if you haven't already. Cart provided by Qiezei!

raw: Shuihu Shenshou (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA010) [Raw Dump],zip
fixed (UPDATED 2014-06-01): Shuihu Shenshou (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA010) [Fixed-2].zip

Shuma Baolong - Shuijing Ban 数码暴龙-水晶版 (CBA011)

Another minor variation on a Vast Fame RPG. Also a good game which you should totally play! This one needs "Unlicensed compatibility mode" setting to "Li Cheng" in hhugboy for the raw dump to work properly. (incidentally the title given above is the one from the cart label, which is missing the "3" from the title screen)

raw: Shuma Baolong - Shuijing Ban (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA011) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed: Shuma Baolong - Shuijing Ban (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA011) [Fixed].zip

Emo Cheng 2 - Fengyun Pian 恶魔城2-风云篇 (CBA033)

Emo Dao/Devil Island with a hacked title screen. The next one is something new I swear. But this is a really good game and also isn't a Chinese-heavy RPG so you definitely should play it. (This time the "2" is on the label but not the title screen... consistency wasn't their strong point)

raw: Emo Cheng 2 - Fengyun Pian (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA033) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed (UPDATED 2014-06-01): Emo Cheng 2 - Fengyun Pian (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA033) [Fixed-2].zip

Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 2 明珠口袋怪兽2 (CBA060)

whoa it's a new one! This game is probably better known (if it's known at all) as Digimon D-4, the title under which it was originally released by SKOB. (The developers are unknown but it might have been done in-house by SKOB themselves, or maybe they outsourced it to someone else.) Li Cheng's title translates to "Pearl Pokemon 2", but that's actually no less appropriate than the original name, because this is actually a Digimon/Pokemon crossover RPG; you can choose from a selection of Pokemon and Digimon characters and battle it out against both kinds of -mon in a somewhat interesting battle system involving Track & Field-style A-button bashing.

raw: Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 2 (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA060) [Raw Dump].zip
fixed (UPDATED 2014-06-01): Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 2 (Unlicensed, Chinese) (CBA060) [Fixed-2].zip



1posted by Sanky @ 2014-05-22 23:39:48

Oh wow. Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 2's battle screen reassembles Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley for the Wonderswan. I have a gameplay video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIHn9HE4ccA

2posted by taizou @ 2014-05-22 23:51:31

ahh, I wondered if it was based on something else - there's another SKOB Digimon game which seems to be pretty much a port of Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers.

3posted by KAGE-008 @ 2014-05-23 00:28:57

Looking forward to the next batch. Btw, bowing down the Digimon D-4 game.

4posted by Smedis2 @ 2014-05-25 17:55:48


5posted by taizou @ 2014-05-25 21:38:01

oh yeah most of their versions of SKOB games say SPEED instead of SKOB and i have no idea why. like was that really the developer name or did li cheng just think it was a cool thing to put there or what

9posted by leeseongjae620 @ 2014-12-13 02:28:56

Digimon Pocket by Vast Fame not Dumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14posted by leeseongjae620 @ 2015-09-15 04:33:31


15posted by KAGE-008 @ 2017-01-16 18:52:46

Digimon D-4 game beaten as of October 2016. LOL

16posted by XxVladiGamer707 @ 2018-12-10 03:46:50

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Oh yeah, I also forgot there's XxVladiGamer707, too. A pair of spammers.